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This is one of my favorite online stores for festival season – people always want to stop and take pictures with me, it’s hilarious!

Ashley R. / Facebook
Ordered a y tho tee and it came out great. It’s so funny walking to places with this tee. Great quality and it hasn’t faded after like 20 washes already.
Andrew G. / Google

So the order took a little longer than expected but I did receive my sweater and it’s awesome!!!! Get quality thanks getonfleek

John R. / Google

This is a great company and the clothes are stylish and as it says in the name, fleek! Comfortable and sturdy everything you’d want in clothing

Denny C. / Verified

i actually got my 3 track suits.. took a few weeks. but they look pretty cool.
if u order, be prepared to wait.. but note that i did order around christmas time

Tru Lyfe / Facebook

Getonfleek is a wonderful store with amazing tees, tanks and hoodies. It has served me well for Halloween and music festivals. The merchandise makes for great pictures and good nights.

Michael N. / Verified

I love this sweatshirt. Not only is it the coolest thing I have ever owned, it’s super warm and comfy. I get so many compliments on it and feel great in it!

Rebecca J. / Instagram

Hi-quality printing and awesome placement make this t-shirt a compelling and eye-catching wardrobe addition. I get lots of compliments on this shirt.

Mike C. / Verified

I bought both pieces of the Chicken Ramen Sweat Shirt and Jogger pants. He absolutely loved them!!! The fit was perfect!!! Thank you so much and I will be purchasing more!!!

Carrie T. / Instagram

I’m very pleased with my purchase I made, I won Christmas with these wonderful joggers! Thank you so much and I’ll be a returning customer.

Khayla L. / Google

I will keep shopping her. For anybody that hasn’t it’s worth the wait they keep you updated the whole time while your order is being made. Besides they are fun & happy theme’s. 1 very satisfied customer. Will be shopping here very soon again. ThankYou

Ayesha M. / Verified

I bought this as a gift for my teenager and he loves it! This is the second one we’ve bought…they are not cheaply made…thanks for producing a great looking product!

Jennifer R. / Verified

Gave a chicken ramen shirt to my grandson this spring. My granddaughters boyfriend loved it and wanted one so I got him a beef ramen sweatshirt. It was really nice. It’s a lighter weight sweatshirt. He was really pleased and so was I.

Marlene B. / Verified

Love this sweatshirt. Cozy, and a conversation starter. The graphics are on both sides which I love.

Stacy N. / Tumblr

I love the sweatshirt! I own multiple sweaters made from you guys and I love them all! Sweatshirt looks way cool. Its just the white gets dirty easily. But I knew that it would do I don’t wear it often. I just ordered another sweatshirt from you guys! Can’t wait to see how it looks in person!

Anderson M / Verified

Love it! Looks great up close in person! Recived lots of complements the first day I wore it out. I’ve bought so many t shirts and sweaters from you guys and I will continue to buy more

Daniel R. / Facebook

Got this for myself. Perfect fit and super comfortable. Vibrant colors and nice fabric. Will definitely be coming back and recommending to others!

Austin F. / Google

This sweatshirt is a little but thinner than I thought, but it is a great image and overall good buy if you’re prepared for thinness. Really sad that Hillary lost but still gonna be a nasty woman and wear this shit around

Paige W. / Verified

I ordered this sweatshirt for my brother and he LOVED IT! He says it’s super comfortable. He loves the print, and he’s got so many compliments on it from his friends at school.

Carina S. / Verified

I love it!!! Not only did it fit perfectly, but the material is super soft and breathable!!! I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get it on time, but I got it 1 day before I needed it. Very satisfied with my shirt.

Marcela V. / Facebook

My son absolutely loves this sweater. We bought it for him because his older brother always wore the same one that he bought from you guys earlier this year.

Kyle C. / Facebook

Ordered the pancakes hoodie, exactly what I wanted, delivered as promised and I am delighted with the product and service.

Edmond U. / Instagram

I typically wear a medium in shirts honestly in my opinion buying a size up is a great idea but the sweater was perfect it’s beautiful , great feel and definitely what I wanted

Zachary D. / Verified

Came perfect. No flaws, looks clear and easy to see detail you would like to see in this type of shirt. Would recommend to friends. In fact, we have a house full of different flavored raman shirts haha it’s dope.

Martin S. / Facebook